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Wikipedia of Dr Najeeb

Dr Najeeb Wikipedia

On the request of our various loyal readers, we have decided to make a comprehensive guide on the personal & professional life of Dr. Najeeb.

Regardless of his fame, his information is not listed on Wikipedia, so we have decided to make our own Dr Najeeb Wikipedia.

Without wasting more time, let’s start with Dr Najeeb Wiki.

Personal Life of Dr Najeeb

His complete name is Syed Muhammad Najeeb as written on his Registered Medical Provisional issued by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. He was born on the 10th of December 1964 in a small town near Lahore, Pakistan. A doctor by profession, Pakistani by nationality & a teacher by passion.

He is currently 54 years old.

He is a self made man as he was not born with a gold spoon in his mouth. He himself admits that he was born in a family that was living under the line of poverty.

Educational Background of Dr Najeeb

He completed his undergraduate degree in Bachelors of Medicine & Surgery from one of the oldest & the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan known as King Edward Medical College from 1987-1991. During his graduation life, he was one of the most brilliant students at school.

He used to sell sweets & candies during the day & study at night. He claims that 35 Years ago he used to sit under a street light trying to prepare for his exams. While all his friends played, he choose to focus on his education and his passion for medical sciences led him to where he is today.

His core specialty & qualification is internal medicine but off course he is recognized by his world famous teaching style & he has students all over the world.

Family of Dr Najeeb

To our knowledge, we know that Dr. Najeeb has one son named Zeeshan Najeeb who is very dare to him. They both are often spotted together on the official page of Dr Najeeb. In fact it was Zeeshan’s idea to start an educational medical website & he is also CEO of Drnajeeblectures.

Wife of Dr Najeeb

If you follow Dr. Najeeb on social media you will be definitely aware that the wife of Dr Najeeb has died long ago. He regularly posts her pictures to refresh his memories with her & show his love for.

The death story of Dr Najeeb’s wife is very strange as he has never explained this to anyone publicly. She died at the age of 27 only back on 23 October 1993 just after one year of Dr Najeeb’s graduation.

Personal Achievements

His youtube channel is the single most liked channel among the medical students from all over the world. He is the only teacher who is famous from South to East & North to West equally.

His YouTube channel has crossed the milestone of 1 million subscribers with 75,379,109 lifetime views.

His website has 800+ paid videos on Basic Medical Sciences & Clinical Medicine with over 2 million Paid Subscribers.


  1. I think, you need to research about his life story again.. You can check out in youtube where he sharef his life story..

    Who saying he is scammer, then listen to me, i have been his subscriber since 2019. So, i bought subscription in just 10$.. And still enjoying.. If you have complain , or facing problem just email him. You will definitely recieve immediate response. And before purchasing subscription, make sure you are buying from his website.

  2. Each lecture is worth a million dollar and each word/phrase used is worth a billion for they are so accurate, brief, crystal clear and diligently prepared…. and few students are cribbing for a few hundred dollars… which I am sure must have been due to their own ignorance or a wrong click here or there. Appreciate Dr Najeeb’s business practices BECAUSE AT THE PRICE AT WHICH THEY ARE OFFERED IS JUST A PEANUT. Like so many of us I too had been availing the facility of free online lectures including downloads till I was enchanted, convinced and motivated to be a lifelong member and have always appreciated my decision to date. Strongly recommend it to all medicos for a quick brush up of details on all and any subject touched by him. Dr Najeeb needs to be applauded by generations for generations since he constantly and continuously updates the contents as per the latest, updated, scientifically proven and confirmed information – A brilliant and a well thought idea to be acknowledged indeed!

  3. Hello everyone,

    I am a postgraduate doctor from Myanmar. To say the truth, I’ve never seen such a doctor/teacher who is passionate about teaching medical sciences like Sir. Dr. Najeeb. I made a subscription of his Dr. Najeeb Lectures with 2 accounts and $10 life time assess, no problem happened. His lectures are actually brilliant. We cannot or should not say any offense to him, as he gives a lot of medical knowledge as he can. I believe any billing app can go wrong unexpectedly. As a government officer in a small country, I don’t earn much. But even if his lecture subscription costs $199 or $299, I’ll try to give that amout of money to get what is difficult to understand to read in our thick books. Please don’t say abused words to our admirable teacher…
    Respect to you all…

  4. I was scammed too. 299 dollar was drawn from my account. Lies and lies from the company promised my refund that never came. Thankfully I found a group on fb with instructions how to get your money back through bluesnap, and it worked. Dr Najeeb = Dr. Thief!!

  5. Go to Dr Najeeb Scam on Facebook (Search groups). You will read there how to get the money back this man took from you under false pretences…

    1. Dr najeeb is Ultimate hope of medical students,,He is simply genius and his art of teaching is extraordinary, no body can match him,,love From kashmir

  6. I am not feeling the “kind love and cooperation.” In response to your “generous” offer, I decline. I want a refund of $299.00 to my VISA card immediately. This is a convoluted process designed to SCAM people.
    You deliberately put information about your “MILESTONES” in very tiny print without ever using that word, or defining what “TOS” meant. The setup was designed to lure in participants with their financial information before defining what was needed to meet your “Milestones” and get your $299.00 back.
    Putting it simply, this is a SCAM

    1. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and other authorities. I tried to give them a chance for refund in the last 24 hours now its game time. We will get this guy. Stay patient everyone.

  7. On 28 November 2020 i was a fake promo on his Facebook page regarding premium membership in 5 US dollars and mentioned for today only .I gave my visa credit card information and the next moment they deducted 199 US dollars and till now I’m not able to get back my money inspite of many emails to him.Now he has blocked my id in his Facebook messenger. He and his son both are professional thieves cheating the doctors and students every minute.

  8. Same fraud happened with me ,I emailed them about more then 10 times every time they replied that you will get refund within 48 hours , it has been past more then 3 months i did not receive my money .

    1. Hi, even I claimed the offer which is published all over the internet for 5$ is true, but prior to that to get your refund money back you need to complete few milestones given by the Dr.Najeeb’s Lectures within the timeline given by them and post those screenshots to the customer service personals and your money will be refunded as promised by them. Don’t judge or blame people for very small errors please :). I’m not related in any form to the company or website of Dr. Najeeb’s lectures. Respect for what he’s doing.

      1. Not agree. A reputable person or organisation never cheat the hundreds of people in same fashion. My question is why there was not BANK OTP ?. In one click he stole huge amount and the receipt you recieved is mentioned just ONLINE PAYMENT ,i never heard like.So please don’t defend him ,if it would have done with me only then its ok but he is cheating many peoples every hour.

  9. Waiting for refund since 4 months. More than 40 emails exchanged.Charged 199 dollars after advertising 5 dollars. Money automatically gets deducted after clicking on sign up so lack of transparency. Every email contains a new lie.

      1. He is directly and intentionally involved .i had conversation with him on his fb messenger and he agree on it and promised me that my issue will be solved ASAP then after he blocked my Id.

      2. Exactly what you said. He is an honorable person.Respect him.He is the king of medical literature.These disgusting guys are repeatedly blaming him.

  10. What SCAM! A pure INSULT to the integrity of the medical profession! Ad was for 5 usd, we got charged 195USD! Still waiting for our refund from July 2020! People please join the scam group on Facebook. There are so many fake reviews all over the net its madness!

  11. Sadly it is SCAM I fell for as well.
    Under no circumstance, do NOT subscribe to this criminal. I assure you, that you will not see your money ever, even if you comply to anything that would be requested for refund. They just follow scripted communication and nothing happens in real.
    I suspect positive reviews / mentions of technical glitch etc. to be entirely fake.

  12. No he is not a scammer, he himself reply me on Instagram that $5 is charged when you will pass some test.
    Please don’t defame him.
    I bought a subscription of 3500 Indian rupee, and it’s worth buying.

    1. Are u serious????

      I passed Milestone 2 months ago. Dr fool is a thief. Look at Trustpilot.com they dont want every one to know.


    2. Login his Facebook page go though his promo of 5 dollars ,submit your credit card details and press the button NEXT you will find a great gift from great scammer.

  13. He scammed me too for 300 USD. Waiting for over 1 month. They told me they refunded my money, but it is bullshit. They are robbing people. PLease help. They are robbing medical students.

  14. I am also Dr. Najeeb Lectures subscriber,, 200 dollar debited from me but after mailing them they refund my money,,,,just mail then and you will get your money

      1. that’s because there is a time limit to complete the milestone. i emailed them they told me my tasks, i completed them in time and i got the refund! its simple. People are very quick to blame others while its them who get lazy and don’t do work.

  15. They did the same with me. They charged me $299 on the pretext of $5 offer for a lifetime prescription. It has been 2 months since this happened to me and no sign of my refund. I have a long thread of email stating how they assure me that the money will be returned in the next 2-3 business days. THIS IS A SCAM! I repeat, this nothing but a scam on to take the money unlawfully.

    I plan on going on social media and connecting with people who are getting scammed. My email address is stormstocker@yahoo.co.in if anyone who has been scammed or was scammed by Dr.NajeebLectures. Please contact me. I will not be harassed by this and will expose him to the general public, and even sue him along with others in the international court if I have to.

        1. Hi Mr Long, I am a victim from this scam too, and I am from Taiwan too, do you mind we exchange our information privately? My line Id is same with my display name here, I can communicate in both Mandarin and English,hope to hear from u soon,thank you

  16. It is not just a technical glitch . If its technical glitch, they should rectify after first incidence . But every day many more people are getting overcharged on their credit card and surprise and force into roller coaster of anxiety and panic attacks . They boast customer service that is 24/7 available which don’t reply multiple emails. I am not sure whether this is done by Dr Najeeb or by people who manage his website . But Dr Najeeb is losing his creditability. There are multiple reports of frauds by Dr Najeeb website and even a facebook group of people who have fall victim to him. People should know so they dont fall victim to this website Drnajeeblectures.com.

    1. Hi. I can tell you the “help” I need:
      1) where does/did he practice medicine?
      2) what kind of medicine did (or does) Dr. Najeeb practice? And where? (Be specific)
      3) which university did (or does) he work for, and did he have the university’s approval recycle those lectures (usually considered property of the university)?
      4) how does he answer to the obvious breach of ethics which he continues profit from?

  17. I have the same issue here. But i believe there are some technical issue regarding system upgrade. Currently waiting for my refund. Hopefully will get my money back soon.


  18. Dr Najeeb is a big scammer. His website says to pay $ 5, when I wanted to pay $ 5 he took $ 299. I wrote him an email and did everything he asked for to get my money back, but to no avail, for more than ten days he has been harassing me with various excuses that he will return my money. Next week I made international contacts and I will sue him in international courts and expose him through all the media.

    1. Predrag, We are sorry to hear that, it is a very unusual case that you have described above otherwise dr Najeeb has a good repute. Can you tell us from which country you are..? Have they not refunded your amount yet? can you please explain it more, so other people can get guidance. We are again shocked by your story, we doubt it may be any technical issue, otherwise, we have not heard even a single such complain about him.

    2. Its a technical issue a friend of mine had that same issue butt they had return his money back a few days after complaining

    3. it clearly says on the website it will charge you $299 and then refund you $295 within 30 days. Website is not scam.

        1. He also charged me twice. I didn’t get a full refund: out of the $598 he charged me, he refunded all but $10.98, which is double the “special offer.” And btw, $5 is not 5% of $299.

          Something smells fishy about this.

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