PMC Official Admission Policy – 2020-21 Session

PMC Offical Admission Policy

Are you looking for exact admission criteria in MBBS or BDS in public or private medical or dental college for the session of 2020-21? If yes, then you are at right place.

Due to the political fight between PMC and PM&DC, students are left unguided. In addition misinformation on social media has confused students even more. That’s why we have decided to make a comprehensive guide on the exact admission policy issued by PMC for admission in MBBS & BDS for the session of 2020-21.

In this guide, we have explained admission procedure & tuition fees both for public and private medical/dental colleges. So, let’s start.

Any student seeking admission in any medical or dental college (Public & Private) shall mandatorily be required to have passed the MDCAT examination held by Pakistan Medical Commission. The passing marks for the MDCAT examination shall be 60%.

Goverment Medical & Dental Colleges Admission Policy

Admissions to all public medical colleges will be done via public medical universities of the respective province/region & National MDCAT will be necessary for applying in any public medical college through out the country.

All public colleges or provincial governments or the Federal Government, for purposes of preparing merit lists when admitting students, shall be required to give a minimum 50% weightage to the marks obtained by the student in MDCAT. A Provincial Government or the Federal Government or it’s authorized admitting university shall before the opening of applications for admission to public medical and dental colleges declare the exact weightage given to MDCAT result subject to it being 50% at the least.

So as the minimum weightage for National MDCAT is 50%, the rest of the weightage will be given to Marks.

A Provincial Government or the Federal Government may declare a quota for special seats in defined categories in public colleges administered by the Provincial or Federal Government subject to such quotas being publicly declared prior to the opening of admissions.

All admissions to public medical and dental colleges shall be completed by or before
31st December 2020.

Private Medical & Dental Colleges Admission Policy

Both Aga Khan University and NUMS will take their own entry test & students will have to apply to these universities directly for admission in their medical colleges.

Admissions to all other private medical and dental shall be conducted only for the 2020-2021 session by the PMC through a centralized national system. This clearly indicates that there will be no donation culture in private medical & dental colleges at least this year.

An Admissions Committee consisting of three members of the Council nominated by the President and two representatives of private colleges shall oversee the conduct of the centralized national admission system.

A student applying for admission to a private medical or dental college shall provide in their
application a list of colleges to which they seek to apply for admission.

For purposes of preparing the merit list the MDCAT result shall carry a 50% weightage whereas the remaining weightage shall be given to the marks acquired by the students in the F.Sc, Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent examination and as equivalenced and certified by IBCC in the case a qualification obtained from either an external board examination taken in Pakistan or outside Pakistan.

The Pakistan Medical Commission shall on 1st January 2021 issue a national merit list for each private college. The merit list of each college shall list all applicants who have listed the college as a preference and shall be organized strictly on merit.

A student having passed the MDCAT exam and obtained 65% or more in the F.Sc or equivalent exam shall be eligible for admission in a medical or dental college.

The merit list equivalent to the allocated seats of a college shall be referred to as the 1st Merit List and represent an offer of admission. The remaining merit list shall be referred to as the Waiting Merit List.

A student who appears on the 1st Merit List issued by the Pakistan Medical Commission shall be required to within seven (7) days of their name appearing on the 1st Merit List, as confirmation of accepting an offer of admission, deposit Rs.200,000 in the designated bank account of the Commission and shall select the offered admission to the choice of their college. A student who selects the offered admission in a given college, their name shall be deleted, as may be appearing from the merit lists of all other colleges otherwise selected by them.

On the selection by a student of an offered admission and corresponding deletion from the merit list of other colleges, the name of the student next in line in the Waiting Merit List shall be automatically added to the 1st Merit List.

A student having confirmed admission to a college shall deposit, after deducting the admission deposit, the balance of the notified tuition fee of the college with the relevant college within seven (7) days of accepting admission. The student and the college shall enter the confirmation of payment on the Commission’s portal on deposit of balance fee.

The admission deposit of the student shall be transferred to their college by the Commission on receipt of such confirmation.

A student who does not pay the balance tuition fee within the seven (7) day period shall have
their offer of admission cancelled and their admission deposit refunded to them. The student
shall retain no further right to the admission offered or an offer of any future admission.

Fee Policy

All private medical and dental colleges shall provide to Pakistan Medical Commission by or before 20th October 2020 a breakdown of the tuition fee, non-refundable admission fee, hostel fee, transport charges, and all other charges as may be sought to be charged by the college from students obtaining admission in 2020-2021 session with a further breakdown of such fee and charges and any annual escalation thereon on annual basis for the complete period of the

No private medical and dental college shall at any time during the program of study charge from a student any amount in addition to the maximum charges notified by it to the Commission.

The Pakistan Medical Commission shall review the maximum charges as proposed by each college within seven (7) days of submission on the basis of the infrastructure, facilities, and quality of education provided. In the event that any proposed fee is found to be unreasonably excessive, the Pakistan Medical Commission shall provide the college with the reasons and determine an alternative maximum tuition or charges against the ones proposed by the college.

The final determined fee for 2020-2021 for each private medical and dental college shall be
notified by the Commission.

Keep in mind the original PMC Act passed by parliament is different from the policies above but PMC has announced some exceptions fro the session of 2020-21 which we have already explained above.

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