Powers and Functions of the National Medical Authority

Powers & Functions of the National Medical Authority

The National Medical Authority will be working under the Medical & Dental Council & it will have the following functions subject to the approval of the Council.

(a) To perform all functions and duties as prescribed in the Pakistan Medical Commission Act or as prescribed or directed by the Council.

(b) To recommend the annual budget of the Commission to the Council for approval.

(c) To cause for an annual audit to be conducted of the Commission and presented to the Council for approval.

(d) To prepare and maintain the accounts of the Commission and ensure the funds of the Commission are expended on the purposes as approved by the Council.

(e) To manage the assets, liabilities, receipts, expenditures, funds and investments of the Commission.

(f) To conduct all examinations provided for under this PMC Act.

(g) To carry out assessments of any institution or organization in Pakistan or outside Pakistan for purposes of recognition of training or for grant of registration and issuance of licenses to persons pursuant to qualifications issued by such institution or organization.

(h) To implement all decisions of the Council and the Board.

(i) To maintain a register of registered and licensed medical and dental practitioners in the prescribed manner and make the information publicly available.

(j) To maintain a register of all institutions in Pakistan and outside Pakistan recognized by the Council for purposes of training or grant of postgraduate qualifications.

(k) To maintain any other register or record for public consumption as may be directed by the Council.

That was all about the powers and functions of the National Medical Authority, If you want to completely understand the structure & role of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), then you should read our this article What will be Composition of Pakistan Medical Commission.

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