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Differentiate Between Infective and Non-Infective Conjunctivitis

Before going into tabulated deference between infective & non-infective conjunctivitis, it is important that you should know the definition of conjunctivitis

Define Conjunctivitis

It is inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. Conjunctiva is a thin transparent area over the white of eye but with inflammation, it becomes pink.

The difference between infective and non-Infective Conjunctivitis has been tabulated below.

Infective ConjunctivitisNon-Infective Conjunctivitis
(1) It is due to any pathogen. Most common cause is allergy.
(2) It is either bacterial or viral.Allergy is due to tree or plants.
(3) It mostly shows type IV Reaction.It is type I reaction.
(4) It is not seasonal. It is seasonal.
(5) Usual symptoms are redness, discharge, & burning.Usual symptoms are redness, discharge & sneezing.
(6) Treatment is symptomatic.Treatment is avoidance to allergen.

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